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The book is dedicated to my wife, Cheryl and the Anderson family, of MacAuley, Manitoba. Their ancestors, on both sides, homesteaded in western Manitoba towards the end of the 19th century... And to the indigenous people whose lives were disrupted by European migration.  Many found a way to adapt.  Many are still trying.      




Violet grows up in a secure middle-class home in late 1800’s London, Ontario. Harry, a streetcar driver, falls in love with her. An unlikely match – but Harry has a dream. He is determined to establish himself as a pioneer farmer…

Howahkan is a Dakota boy whose family flees Minnesota in 1864, following the brutal fighting of the Sioux Uprising. His family settles on a reserve in western Manitoba…

Angus, a privileged and spoiled young man from Toronto, runs afoul of his father’s wrath when he has an affair with an older woman – the wife of his father’s biggest customer. He is sent to the western frontier with a remittance…

Their stories unfold against the vast backdrop of the majestic but unforgiving prairies. Howahkan endures life in a Residential School before finding love with a spirited Metis girl and forging a place for himself in the white man’s world. Violet and Harry endure hardship and heartbreak as they fight to establish their farm. Angus manipulates his way into the upper echelons of Winnipeg society… Although having little in common, their lives slowly converge, as they navigate through the two great events of the early twentieth century – the Great War and the Spanish Flu pandemic – until colliding at the book's dramatic conclusion.

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